Friday, September 2, 2016

Please, I Need Some Help

I am hoping someone can help me out. I am in need of a scan of the back of a 1980 Topps Richard Todd #405 card. I am working on a custom card based on his card for a future TTM attempt for an actor and the only backs I can find are small/pixelated or contain a COMC watermark.

You wouldn’t think that a mid-career card of an underperforming QB who had more interception than touchdowns and entire career is defined by him replacing two Hall of Fame QBs (Joe Namath in 1976 and Kenny Stabler in 1984) would cost $2 or more so I am hoping I do not have to spend that to just get a good scan of the back of his card.

A clean scan 700px x 500px or larger would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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  1. I've got that. Email me at QAPLAGCA at yahoo dot com.