Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday Question Day- Fix That Bruise?

Today is question day:

Are you ok with someone altering a card they intend to keep in their collection?

With this question I am not asking about autographs, that is for another question day, to play devil's advocate what about trimming a PC card so that it is centered and has four sharp corners? What about coloring in those chipped edges? 

What if you have no intent of ever selling the card, or given away for that matter, but you do it for your own personal appreciation of a beautiful card?

I don't like the idea of trimming/coloring cards for the simple fact that even though I have no intent on selling or giving away the card that does not mean that it will not get out to the collecting world some day. If the card is unmarked as altered someone may put big money in to buying a card and sending it to be graded and expecting a Gem Mt 10 but get back a card with an "evidence of trimming" sticker.


  1. When I was a kid and didn't know any better, I sometimes used a marker on chipped edges (or whiteout on vintage cards with white borders). My worst offense was touching up my 1971 Topps Reggie Jackson, which I still have. I think it looks pretty obvious, so I don't worry about it ever duping anybody.

  2. Man, I'm all about the wear and tear on cards. I love me some rounded and fuzzy corners even more than I love shiny cardboard... and that's saying something!

  3. Great topic. I think you nailed it in your post. People may not intend to sell their cards or have it accidentally released to the public... but there's always a chance that it will. And that's where trimming, coloring, or altering a card could eventually cause issues.

  4. That's a very "fine" point. If you're not going to sell it shouldn't be a problem. What is the likelihood it would be a problem down the road? I guess that's up to the collector to take into account. I don't think it would concern me. For the record I've never altered a card.