Sunday, October 1, 2017

So You Don't Have To Experiment #4- The No Buy Zone

I have been reading stories about people working on clearing their debt and one thing that always comes up is stop using money to buy non-essentials. With most people, this is heading to a coffee joint instead of making it at home or stopping by Chipotle for lunch but with me it is buying cards. I haven’t spent a lot on cards this year but when you tally up the cards I have purchased for a dollar here and a pack there it does add up.

My medical debt has begun to creep up again because I have met a number of new doctors over the past few months and they all want to run various tests that relate to their specialty and tests like MRIs, X-rays and blood tests add up fast, my co-pay for an MRI I had two weeks ago was $175 and I have another MRI for my knees and hips that I will be doing in December or January.

So as part of my So You Don't Have To experiments, for the month of October I will not purchase anything outside of those things necessary; food, medical/medicine, gas, bills, etc. Not a penny will go to my collection, which will be difficult because I enjoy searching eBay and COMC daily. I will continue to sell cards on eBay but any money from those sales will remain in Paypal

To determine how much I will save, each time I find a card that I would normally bid on I will move that much money over to my savings account. Since this year has been slow in purchases, I bought only 3 cards in September, I will determine the amount as if I really wanted to purchase the card and ignore my circumstance of paying off medical bills. 

I am certain that by Halloween I will be jonesing for new cardboard.


  1. It sounds like your blogging friends might need to revisit your GoFundMe page, or at the very least, send a few cards your way.

  2. A full month without new cardboard? You can do it! I usually go all of December and January without making any purchases... but those are the dormant days between the previous and new collecting season.
    Good luck on all fronts!

  3. I decided to start saving money to buy a new place in August and my first step was to delete most of my eBay searches. It worked wonders. Best of luck on your experiment.