Thursday, October 12, 2017

When The Signer Says "Fake" It Is Fake

Last night I came across a tweet regarding a Damian Lilliard autographed photo on eBay, here is the auction link. What made this an interesting tweet is that it was being retweeted by Damian Lillard who said that, even though it was verified authentic by Beckett, the signature is a fake signature. When compared to other authenticated Lillard autographs it is very obvious that the one up for auction is not real.


  1. Wow. For me, the whole point of collecting anything that has been graded/authenticated etc.., is being able to have confidence that the item is legit. Just wow.

  2. Anybody who goes by Beckett is asking for trouble.

  3. Oh dang. That's not great publicity for Beckett.