Saturday, December 23, 2017

Another Round Of Halloween Christmas Cards

A new addition to my Nightmare Before Christmas collection, a Chris Saranndon autograph. Saranndon, or Sarandon depending on who is writing about him, was the voice of Jack Skellington so this was a big find. In another cult favorite, The Princess Bride, he played the villainous Prince Humperdinck.

The 2001 NECA The Nightmare Before Christmas release included a couple of autographs. I have the Glenn Shadix autograph card. Shadix voiced the Mayor of Halloween Town and is probably best known for playing Ortho in Beetlejuice.

I believe there are two more autographs in the set but they are Tim Burton and Danny Elfman so I have no expectations of every being able to afford either card so I am satisfied with my Nightmare collection as it is.

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  1. He also played Mike Norris in Child's Play, and even better, the iconic Jerry Dandrige in Fright Night! Congratulations on adding this super cool auto to your collection.