Friday, December 8, 2017

Comebacks Just Don't Work

Rafael Palmeiro announced he wants to make a comeback in the MLB, he is 53 years-old and last played in 2005. He said he has something to prove and that is driving him. I guess the drive comes from making an ass of himself in front of Congress and national television when he adamantly stated that he had never used steroids but a couple of months later got busted for using steroids, was suspended for 10 games and retired in disgrace.

If he wasn’t tainted by the steroids he would be in the Hall of Fame no question but by trying to make a comeback, 12 years later, it ends up looking like a sad real-life Mr. 3000, minus the attempt at making 3,000 hits.

Time to stock up on his 1987 Topps rookie cards, maybe not


  1. Fred McGriff should really mount a comeback at get those last 7 homers.

  2. Palmeiro? Seriously? I thought it was a headline on The Onion when I saw earlier today.

  3. I want to see Dale Murphy comeback to get #400 (hit 398).

  4. Sounds like a great idea! (Imagine me banging the palm of my hand into my forehead repeatedly.)