Thursday, December 21, 2017

One Big Blogging Family

The blogsphere is a tight knit group and it is funny when you see a specific card and you think of a specific collector. When I see Tony Gwynn I think of Fuji and Defgav, Jose Canseco I think of Mouschi and certain sketch cards it is Raz. I will admit, it has swayed the way I bid on occasion, especially in cases of a more rare card because I don’t want to add competition. The newest name to my list is P-Town Tom and Dan Vogelbach.

Vogelbach is a young player in the Mariners organization who has a huge upside and finished this past season in Seattle and will most likely earn a position in the big league with the Mariners next season, so he is the perfect player to jump in on collecting. The problem is that I only know about Vogelbach from reading P-Town Tom’s blog “Waiting ‘til Next Year” when Vogelbach was in the Cubs organization and even though he is now with the Mariners Tom still PCs him.


  1. I would also add Night Owl and Ron Cey to this list - what a community we have!

  2. I have a friend on Facebook who tags me whenever he sees an Elton Brand card for sale. I've added several to my collection from it too!

  3. Wow... I'm a kind of taken aback here. Thanks for shout out! It makes me smile that I'm becoming synonymous with The Vogelmonster.

  4. Here are a few that popped into my head outside of the ones mentioned:
    The Lost Collector - Tino Martinez
    Collecting Cutch - Andrew McCutchen
    JBF - Josh Willingham
    Zippy Zappy - Luis Torrens
    B Man - Yadier Molina

  5. Rodney Hampton - me
    Actually any NY Giants and I should come to.mind. I am not only one of the few football bloggers but gotta be the only NY Giants one.i know I must be alone in Rodney Hampton