Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday Question Day- Shhhh?

Today is question day:

Do you have a secret PC collection?

I will get the ball rolling with admitting that I have a couple of quiet PCs that have only showed up a couple of times in my blog. The Mariners Moose was one and I finally posted about that this past March and Rocket Raccoon is one and I have only talked about it twice going back to 2015. I had begun working on a PC for Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Simpsons Radioactive Man but I pick up those cards only when there is a great deal..


  1. Yes. I collect Playboy and similar sets. Can't post about them because I have family who read Cardboard History. Not totally a secret...I've mentioned them and they are all listed as part of my collection on the Trading Card Database, which is viewable by anyone.

  2. Nope, no secret collections for me.
    I do consider myself a baseball only guy... so maybe it's a secret I have about 5,000 football and basketball cards from my childhood.

  3. I supercollect Peter Worrell, which I havent really mentioned on my blog because I doubt anyone knows who he is and I'd just waste hours of writing/scanning. I also collect Trevor Williams and I did write about it on my blog but none of the Pirates fans seemed to notice, so I guess my secret is safe :)

  4. I've probably got a couple of secret PCs, but if I told anyone about them, they wouldn't be secret anymore.

  5. Secret? I don't think so. Less publicized? Definitely. I think the only ones I've never written posts about would be my Martin Brodeur and Joe Sakic PC's. I'm sure one of these days I'll blog about them... but I don't have a lot of readers who are interested in hockey cards.