Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday Question Day- Handling Cards?

Today is question day:

How do you handle your cards?

This one may be odd but I saw this question show up on a forum once and it got me thinking that some people may handle their cards differently than others. Part of my OCD is washing my hands so I always wash my hands and dry them before touching a card and then I wash my hands when I am done. Most of my collection is in penny sleeves so touching the card wont damage it.


  1. Almost everything in penny sleeves for me too. Also I'll wash my hands before touching them if they feel at all dusty or oily, but I've never worried about washing them after.

  2. I too will wash hands, especially after eating or working on the yard, car, etc.
    A good trick I learned is to keep a towel on the sorting table so you don't have to ding the edges picking them up from a flat surface.

  3. I deal with OCD too... so I'm always washing my hands. Never really thought about this topic, but I guess it's pretty similar to your response. Although, I don't really go out of my way to wash my hands before touching my cards, since my hands are usually clean.

    Side note: I worked at a card shop where the owner always handled his vintage with gloves.

  4. I wash my hands before touching cards and I will stop and wash them again if I notice a fingerprint on a glossy uv coated card...or if my hands feel like they need it. It's kind of painful for me as I have a skin disease that makes water burn, but I do it anyway for the love of the cards.

    One of my biggest pet peeves in the hobby is getting cards with greasy fingerprints all over them. I once got a large package of about 200 cards and I swear they smelled like potato chips. I sequestered them away so that they don't touch any other cards.

    1. The cards smelling like chips would drive me crazy. I have had a couple of cards that smell like cigarette smoke but a whole package is bad news. Now if cards came in smelling like gum that would be cool.

  5. My obsessive tendencies mostly involve organization, so I have no prob going bare and unwashed (I mean, I keep my hands pretty clean, but I don't wash them specifically for card handling). I actually like to touch vintage. It's a sensory thrill.