Friday, December 22, 2017

Make Organizing Easier

We need to get together a petition to get the sports card companies to create a uniform system to numbering and labeling the cards in a readable font. Upper Deck has something in place but the labeling is not consistent in location but at least it is a start.

I am going through my package from COMC and I am organizing the Buhner cards and three-quarters of the cards the year isn’t even legible. Some text is too small, and some is black font on a dark background and even magnifying it still is not readable.

I say this jokingly but there is some seriousness to it too.


  1. One thing I like about Panini is that they put the year and name of the set on the back of the cards. It really helps, especially on cards from years when I wasn't collecting and don't know the designs off the top of my head.

  2. Yeah, I like that too. Especially for hockey since the years overlap and the copyright date could be either one.
    I think football got to be the worst until Topps had to quit. I couldn't read the backs of the last few flagship sets they put out at all.

  3. When i can't see a year on the back, it drives me crazy

  4. When organizing my Kerry Wood collection I'm always grateful that late 1990s & the early 2000s Fleer made it easy on the back. Find the Fleer logo on the back and the year was right below it. Very simple, but very much appreciated.

  5. My eye sight has gone down hill the past few years. Half the time I end up typing in the player and card number into the COMC search engine to figure out what card I'm actually holding.