Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Art Gallery- 2017 Island Dreams Jazz Musicians

This month’s Art Gallery Display comes from an artist that you all know, me. The set is 2017 Island Dreams Mardi Gras.

This is my first official release and I was excited and did a variety of subjects based on NOLA and Mardi Gras culture; gators, crawfish, zombies, voodoo dolls and some witch doctors but my favorite are a trio of jazz musicians. The musicians aren't puzzle sketch cards, because of the placement of each musicians the backgrounds line up differently but I used the same colors for a nice visual appeal.

I was kind of stressed doing the set, we were given 20 blank sketch cards with a couple of rules. Now normally I am confident drawing sketch cards, if I screw up I just throw away the card and grab another blank to start over. This was totally different because if I made a mistake I couldn’t just toss a card away but I look forward to the next opportunity.


  1. Nicely done! I like how each musician has a different hat band color matching the background.

  2. Nice NOLA Jazz set, to use a couple of meanings of the word. The Drummer and the Sax player's backgrounds almost match up. So no specific jazz band in mind while drawing these guys? Or background music playing?

  3. I have noticed some of your cards popping up on eBay in the last couple of weeks, which I believe, means that your starting to move up in the world :)