Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday Question Day- Playing Favorites?

Today is question day:

I am going to put you out on a limb and ask which is your favorite card?

When you have a collection that is large, I know some people that have well over 1 million cards, it is like asking which is your favorite kid. I have around 20,000 cards with just under 3,000 being Griffey cards and it is difficult so I can just imagine what it is like for those with huge collections.

After some thoughtful consideration, and without my White Whale no longer in the running, I am selecting my 2000 Ovation Japanese Ken Griffey Jr #S-KG. I bought this card in either 2001 or 2002 and I paid $25 for it and this is one of those cards that just does not show up any more. There is a Game Ball relic and a Game Ball & Show dual relic also. 


  1. After much contemplation, 2004/05 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia Scrapbook Autograph Frank Brimsek.

  2. My t206 Christy Mathewson edges out 1959 Bob Gibson

    1. I think I would have gone with Mathewson too.

  3. Sweet Griffey! Although it might be a challenging question to most, it's probably the easiest Monday question I've seen so far. My 1956 Topps Jackie Robinson. Now picking #2 would be a challenge.

  4. That might be the most unique relic card I've ever seen. Very cool card!

    Tough question..but I think my favorite card is my Ted Williams '56 Topps. Or my Alex Ovechkin SP Authentic RC.