Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday Question Day- What Else?

Today is question day:

Do you collect other items besides cards?

I used to collect action figures and die cast cars in addition to cards but the space required to store action figures is insanely space consuming. I had three 70-qt storage bins just for my action figures and two medium sized moving boxes filled with die cast cars. I let my son have most of the figures and cars and sold some but I still have a couple of figures/bobble heads. I now collect cards and some autograph photos in addition to a couple of autographed Griffey memorabilia (jersey, bat, ball, etc.)


  1. I collect just about everything under the sun! It's not easy trying to display/store everything, but I just seem to be more comfortable with lots of stuff around me.

  2. Sports related, I collect yearbooks of my favorite team (Mets). Non-sports related, I collect Christmas music (I lost count of how many Xmas CDs and records I have when the number got into the thousands). I used to collect matchbooks, but nobody (other than casinos) really makes matchbooks anymore, and, for a brief time, I collected the various little California Raisins figures that were all the rage for a minute and a half in the 80s.

  3. Most of my collecting money is currently going to vintage postcards. I have a big Peanuts collection, books, records, and old sheet music. So apparently you "can't have too much of anything", although it gets overwhelming at times.

  4. There isn't much I don't collect. Besides cards, there are diecast cars, plastic models, comic books, coins, currency, stamps, magazines and books, I have a small collection of post cards, I was a big action figure collector until 2007. And I think I'm even forgetting something. But, it goes in cycles. There are some I go literally years without adding to the collection. Cards are #1 but 1/64 NASCAR diecast was #1 in the 90s and 00s.

  5. I’m like Billy, I collect all sorts of things....mostly this entails publications and truth be told I’d give up my cards before my paper. I also collect presidential campaign buttons and postcards, all sorts of lapel pins, bobble heads, pennants,US state and state park quarters and Santa Fe railroad memorabilia.

  6. I used to collect McFarlane sports figures and Hot Wheels from 2002-2008 (managed a Toys R Us store). Last year I got tired of moving the bins around with me and listening to my parents bitching about storing my crap so I sold 90% of what I had. Made $3500 in 3 months. I still don't think it made up for how many times I had to move those bins with me. Cards are so much easier.

    1. I worked for Toys R Us too, what stores did you work in? I was in one store in Arizona where I started and then moved up to Seattle in the early 90s where I worked at most of the stores in the I-5 corridor.

  7. Great question... let me count the ways. Actually... I don't have all night, so here are a few that immediately come to mind:

    1. Kenner SLU's
    2. LP's.
    3. DVD's
    4. Signed Books
    5. Legos
    6. Star Wars Action Figures
    7. Bobbleheads
    8. Magazines (mostly 80's and 90's baseball card magazines)

  8. Cards right now but I am strongly considering collecting retail ephemera from the 1950s-1970s. Signs would be ideal but they're real expensive, but probably paper displays, maybe things like matchbooks too.