Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Not A Sustainable Selling Model

Last week I won the auction for this 2010-11 SI for Kids Cariss Moore card, the final price was .30 cents with free shipping, the seller lost .19 cents on this auction. I have never won an auction like this but I have seen people win them before and I just can not wrap my head around why sellers do this time and time again where they loose money on these types of auctions.


  1. Tack on the eBay/Paypal fee and the seller lost even more. I don't get it either.

  2. The time the seller spent on listing this auction and packaging the card has to be worth something too. Maybe they do it to boost their feedback rating?

    1. They were closing in on 4500 total feedback with 1 neutral and 2 negative. The kicker is the neutral and one negative came from people who paid less than .50 on cards with free shipping and they were upset the card was shipped wrapped in paper only inside a pwe. Mine was too, but I can’t complain at the price I paid.

  3. Some smart dealers sell at that price, but won't ship until you've bought a certain total price. As long as they are upfront and clear about it, it's a good solution for selling low-value cards.

  4. I just won one yesterday for $0.21. My max bid was .99 so they might have been close to breaking even but it never went that high. They know what they are doing if they have 4500 feedback so don't feel bad. They would list differently if they were worried about it.