Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Art Gallery- 2005 Breygent Three Stooges

This month’s Art Gallery display is from Chris Henderson and is from the 2005 Breygent Three Stooges release. I really enjoy Breygent’s sets, they had the licensing from a number of popular shows/movies and they always put out an amazing product. Breygent seems to have fallen off of the map so I would expect we will not see any future products from them. 

Ever since I was a kid I loved slapstick comedy and the Three Stooges were masters of their art. What really drove me to adding this card to my collection is that this is a classic scene from the I Can Hardly Wait short and includes the original Stooges. Not that I have anything against Shemp, Joe Besser or Joe DeRita but Curly is the man.

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  1. Love Henderson's work. Heard he was having health issues last year, but sounds like he's feeling much better.