Thursday, September 13, 2018

Congratulations Seattle Storm

Last night the Seattle Storm finished out their Cinderella season with a sweep of the Washington Mystics for their third WNBA title. Led by Sue Bird and WNBA MVP Breanna Stewart the team went 26-8, best record during the regular season, and then 7-2 during the playoffs to win the title. News worthy of a Pack War television news break interrupting the Babe at bat.

The Storm have been going through a rebuilding process since their last Championship in 2010 and before this season the last time they had a winning record was 2011 but the serious rebuilding began when Sue Bird decided to remain with the Storm instead of leaving in Free Agency following the 2014 season. Then with the #1 pick in the 2015 WNBA Draft they took Jewell Loyd, they again had the #1 pick in the 2016 WNBA Draft and took Breanna Stewart and from there the pieces just fell in to place.  

Sue Bird is one of my mini-PCs and earlier this summer I was able to complete the Sue Bird Trifecta when I picked up her 2002 Fleer Authentix RC. Her career would put every active NBA player to shame, and many NBA Hall of Famers too. She has 3 WNBA Titles, 10 WNBA All-Star appearances, 2 NCAA Titles (UCONN), 4 Olympic gold medals, 3 World Championship gold medals plus a bronze medal, 3 EuroLeague Championships, 2 Europe SuperCup Championships, WNBA all-time assist leader and Seattle Storm all-time points leader.

OK, one more Sue Bird factoid. A few weeks ago, NFL Hall of Famer (and former Seattle Seahawk) Walter Jones tweeted that Sue Bird is the best all around athlete that Seattle has ever seen. While I personally would say she is one of two (Griffey being the other) people got their panties all in a bunch and you would be surprised at how many claim to be fans of Seattle teams but not know who Walter Jones is, because there were a lot of people coming out with “What do you know about sports/athletes?” type of responses. It was quite funny.

Alright, alright… enough of me gushing over Sue Bird. Congratulations to the Seattle Storm on an amazing season and finishing with the title.


  1. Seahawk fans that don't know who Walter Jones is are either 12 years old or younger... or aren't real Seahawk fans.

  2. I watched the final game. Its the first WNBA game I have watched since the first season it existed. They must be doing something right to get me interested again after all this time. I admit, it was fun to watch.