Friday, September 14, 2018

Someone Is Actually Going To Fall For This?

A bunch of questionable 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner cards have been showing up on eBay and for some reason there are bids. One graded by PRO as original and graded a PRO 2, with the required blurry pictures (that way you know it is real) sold for $1,850 after 11 bids. I would expect the card to show back up for sale because the winner has a 1 feedback but looking at his bidding activity and the bidder has made 33 bids over the last 30 days and only 2 of them were with this seller. They were bid up by someone with a 61 feedback (35 bids in 30 days, 7 with this seller) and there was a $1,700 retracted bid by someone with 2997 feedback. Look at them beautifully rounded corners, pure perfection.

Now there is a Sweet Caporal pack with Honus Wagner on the back and graded by GAI as authentic and a GAI 8 by a seller with 0 feedback. There are 14 bids currently, all by bidders with positive feedback, and it is as $15.50. Again, blurry images. The stuff all over the holder is tobacco from inside, which I believe to be a real cigarette pack but fake Wagner. I would like to point out that Sweet Caporal had a solid wrapper and the cards were inserted facing inwards, but hey… if people want to spend money without doing any research at all that is on them.

For reference, here is a real sealed Sweet Caporal pack showing that you can not see what is inside.

They had wax paper around them originally, which the one that is currently for auction has around it. There is no way the Wagner card was inserted outside of the cigarette pack between the wax paper and the wrapper. This is a case of someone with bad intentions opening the wax, sliding in the Wager, sealing the wax back up and got the oblivious people at GAI to grade it authentic.


  1. This part of the hobby really disgusts me... People looking to make a quick buck off junk like this. Ugh.

  2. Sure hope people do their homework. That being said... I think it's sad that adults go out and purposely try to rip other people off. Like P-town Tom said... it disgusts me.