Monday, September 24, 2018

Monday Question Day- Large or Small PC?

Would you rather collect a top star with thousands of cards or a semi-star with hundreds or cards?

I am like many collectors and I have multiple PCs with both large catalog and small catalog.

Ken Griffey Jr's catalog is huge. According to TCDB, he has 18,042 cards. This isn't counting Broder cards and some of the other unlicensed cards, so probably closer to 18,500 cards.  While Jay Buhner is listed on TCDB as having 1,447 cards.

I like the idea of chasing both types of collections, sure I will probably get closer to completing Jay Buhner's entire list (not counting #1/1 type cards) then I ever will with Griffey's cards but that is part of the chase. I will always be on the watch for something new.


  1. I too have both large and small PCs. I also have many PCs so I might have way too many. I have my Homie Teams PCs, plus for several of those teams I have at least 2 dozen players I PC, plus the occasional player who was never on one of my teams that I PC, and there are the 1970s guys I PC some of whom played well into the 80s, or had started in the 60s so I basically PC a bunch of guys from the 60s to 80s. I think I better stop there.

  2. I prefer the idea of chasing semi-star cards for two reasons. 1) The market is flooded these days with cards for star players. Trying to collect every version of every card produced in a year for a star player could be really trying. 2) Price and demand. The demand for semi-star players is less, thus so is the price.

  3. Most of my PC guys are bigger names with lots of cards, which isn't an issue for me... since I don't consider myself a super collector who needs every card released. In fact, these days most of my money goes towards quality than quantity. I'd much spend my hard earned money on one autograph than 50 base cards. That doesn't mean, I don't appreciate and collect those base cards. I just won't usually go out of my way to try and buy them unless I find them sitting in dime boxes.