Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sports Cards Super Bowl IX

It is Super Bowl Sunday and once again the cards are going to make their prediction. Surprisingly the cards are 6-2 predicting the winner of the last 8 Super Bowls, 75% isn’t bad as a win ration based on cardboard.

Normally I would pick up some blaster boxes from my local Walmart, but they recently remodeled and added a bunch of self-checkouts and the boxes are now stacked next to one of those checkouts and there are always people in the way. I turned to eBay and initially was looking for a cheap hobby box of 2018 Classic but settled on three mega boxes; 2018 Playoff, 2018 Prizm & 2018 Absolute.

Like before, if a player is in a Patriots or Rams uniform the card is still considered a score even if that player has been traded or cut. 

This year I have decided to break down the packs instead of boxes for quarters. With 18 packs, it will be 5 packs Playoff for the 1st Quarter, 4 packs Absolute for the 2nd Quarter, 5 packs Playoff for the 3rd Quarter and 5 packs Prizm for the 4th Quarter. This year the scoring is:

Field Goal (3 pt.) For random cards that could be a sign or superstitious

Touchdown (7 pts.) For any player from the Patriots or Rams 

TD w/ 2pt Conversion (8 puts.) For any Patriots or Rams hits

Quarter 1: Panini Playoff packs
Patriots- 0 pts

Rams- 0 pts

Quarter 2: Panini Absolute packs
Patriots– 14 pts
#67 James White
#OTP-TR Tom Brady / Rob Gronkowski

Rams- 7 pts
#54 Aaron Donald

Patriots 14
Rams 7

Quarter 3: Panini Playoff packs
Patriots- 0 pts

Rams- 10 pts
#5 Kurt Warner (3 points for being a sign)

#8 Todd Gurley II

Quarter 4: Panini Prizm packs
Patriots- 7 pts
#287 Braxton Berrios

Rams- 7 pts
#95 Cooper Kupp

Patriots 21
Rams 24

I don’t know if we can call it an upset, but the Rams will take the win a close one in Atlanta and send the Patriots home with a lose for the second year in a row.

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