Saturday, June 6, 2009


I wanted to start with a positive spin. In the world today it seems like every time you pick up a newspaper or open up a news website you come across a professional athlete getting themselves in to trouble. Between the superstars being accused of steroid usage, athletes being accused of inciting fights in bars and even the occasional assault or other violent crime you grow weary about how you define a “superstar”.

Not long ago my son asked me who my favorite athletes are and why I admire them. I did not have to think to hard on the question because I have had three athletes that I have looked up to for years. My list: Jim Thorpe, Lou Gehrig and Ken Griffey Jr. As far as admiring sports stars these three have done their best to keep clean and lead by example, as far as collecting goes though I probably selected three of the most sought after players which makes collecting difficult.

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