Friday, April 22, 2011

Random Blaster Box- 2011 Topps Opening Day

In my 2011 Topps Opening Day blaster I feel that I am experiencing deja-vu. The base set is the same 2011 Topps Series 1 design with the addition of the Opening Day logo. Now I like the design but I guess I don’t fully comprehend the Opening Day release. Why release the same set twice unless the intent is to get collectors to buy in for the opportunity to get cards specific to that release.
Like I said, the set is nicely designed and fortunately they only added in two parallels, the Blue parallel #/2011 and Printing Plates. Cards of note that I pulled include a Felix Hernandez base and 3 Blue parallels (Rickey Romero, Brian Wilson and Tyler Colvin). I pulled 3 Superstar Celebrations, which seem like they would have been a better fit in the Series 1 release because they are not tied to Opening Day. The Presidential First Pitch cards are a nice addition chronicling famous first pitches, but why limit it to a 10-card subset?
I am not a fan of Topps gimmick cards, they may be “fun” so I can see the idea behind their inclusion and some collectors probably like the Mascots subset, I know I would grab up a Mariner Moose if I came across one, but the Spot The Error cards make me just go “Huh?” I got the Teixeria error (His jersey #25 is reversed on his wrist band) but I cannot figure out the error on David Wright’s card.

The best cards of the blaster were the Votto Opening Day Stars, I really like the 3D cards, and the series covers the players Opening Day stats. Unfortunately it is only a 10 card subset and no Mariners or D-backs on the list. The other card, one that I was really looking forward to, is the Stadium Lights card. As much as I like 3D cards I am crazy about glow-in-the-dark card. Again a 10 card subset but oddly contains 2 Mariners (Ichiro and King Felix), I pulled the Troy Tulowitzki card.