Sunday, May 8, 2011

Will There Ever Be Love For Boxers?

After tonight’s Manny Pacquiao-Sugar Shane Mosley fight, which Pacman won in a 12 round decision, it got me thinking about the boxing collecting world. It seems like up until recently the sport has not had much love and honestly the major card companies are still not even really looking in that direction.

Besides Leaf’s 2011 Muhammad Ali release and Creative Cardboards 2010 Ringside Boxing release is there even anything on the horizon? Besides a possible 2012 Muhammad Ali set from Leaf I do not even hear any rumblings.

 Now we do see some companies cherry pick boxers like Topps is including 3 boxers autographs in their 2011 Allen & Ginters release (Pacquiao, Jake LaMotta and Micky Ward) but they are also including ice dancers, a Parkour runner and a couple of chefs in the autographs insert so it seems like they are just grabbing people now. Hell they put employee cards in last year's set, what is next on the checklist, the delivery guy's worn sweat socks relics?

I think part of the problem may be that there are multiple boxing organizations (WBO, WBA, WBC and IBO among others) so I am not sure how a card designer would work this, would they have to sign each organization as well as individual boxers? I guess that could make for a logistical nightmare.

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