Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Davey Jones RIP

Today is a somber post. I was saddened to find out that Davey Jones, formerly of The Monkees, passed away today of a heart attack. Originally The Monkees were created to build on the popularity of the Beetles in the mid-60s. NBC milked the cash cow for a few years before canceling the television show and the band broke up shortly after that. What brought the Monkees back in to Pop Culture was MTV attempting to bring in an older crowd during their first couple of years when they re-introduced the band in the early-80s and ran marathons of the Monkees show. It ignited a wave of nostalgia and the group got back together in 1986 and even released a new album. The Monkees re-united from time to time, minus Michael Nesmith, to tour even as late as September 2011.
When it comes to the collecting world the Monkees were partially represented with both Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz having been included in recent card sets, most recently in Leaf’s Pop Century and Panini’s Americana, while Davey Jones and Michael Nesmith have only been included in one set, a 1967 Donruss Monkees set based on the television show.

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