Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jaguars, Vikings and Dolphins Oh My!

Yesterday the Jacksonville Jaguars released images of their new uniforms through their Twitter account. The jerseys have changed quite significantly. They have three different jerseys- Home, Away and a Teal Alternate. The sleeves are a different color from the jersey and there is a swoop (gold or black depending on the jersey color) across the shoulders from back to front. The numbers have changed font and include a multi-colored stroke based on the jersey color. A "JAGS" patch, with the new Jaguars logo, is located on the upper left chest.

The helmets are the biggest change, they are matte black on the front and gradate back to a glossy gold with the new  jaguar logo on the side.

I honestly do not know how I feel, I kind of like the look but the different color shoulders remind me of an Arena Football team’s jersey. The helmets will take some getting used to over time. I am also guessing that the uniforms can be varied up over the season by switching up the jersey and pants. It would be cool to see one of those new "JAGS" logo patches included on a card, unfortunately they to large to fit on to one card unless it was an over sized box topper or maybe a booklet card.

The Dolphins and Vikings are changing up their uniforms too. The Vikings had planned on unveiling the new uniforms  tomorrow. It was expected the Dolphins would change their uniforms when they announced the new logo but they had not scheduled an unveiling for the new uniform yet. The images of both the Dolphins and Vikings new uniforms were inadvertently released on the Internet by a Jacksonville television station (Action News Jacksonville) who was carrying a story on their web site about the Jags new uniform. The pictures of the Dolphins and Vikings have since been removed from the televison station's web site but not before ESPN writer Paul Lukas, who runs the web site Uni Watch, found the pictures and posted the images of the new uniforms last night.

What is your take on the uniform changes?

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