Friday, June 28, 2013

A Peek At 2013 Sportkings Series F

Recently Dr. Price announced that In The Game, Inc. and Sport Kings will consolidate in to one brand under the ITG name, previously the two were run independently of each other which made things difficult.
To add to the announcement, Dr. Price went on to discuss some details for the upcoming Sportkings Series F release which is scheduled for an August 2013 release date. No major information has been announced, the Sport kings web site is seriously out of date, so the price and pack out details are still to be released but Price did talk about two new inserts as well as a short list of athletes who will be included in the set.
The first new artistic innovation is the Memorable Moments art cards. Artist Jared Kelley, a great guy and wonderful artist, will be painting 4 puzzle cards that can be put together to depict one of twenty different significant moments in sports. The four cards showing Brandi Chastain’s celebrations following the U.S. Women’s World Cup win in 1999 have been posted for preview. Some of the other moments will be Ali vs. Liston fight, Gehrig’s “Greatest Man” speech, Joe Namath after Super Bowl III and Bobby Orr’s flying goal.

The second new artistic innovation is the Body of Work sketch/patch card. There will be sixty athletes on the checklist and each athlete will have 9 different sketch cards. The card will have a small sketch of the athlete above a large patch. I think the cards would have looked better with a different design, maybe set the card horizontally and square off the relic. This would have given the artist 1/3 of the card to work with. If they insisted on using the portrait layout then maybe making it a booklet card with the patch on one side and the sketch on the other side.

Other athletes on the various checklists include, in addition to the athletes already previewed, but not limited to; Shaq, Bill Parcells, Tito Ortiz, Scottie Pippen, Fernando Valenzuela, Kerri Strugg, Frank Gifford, Cal Ripken Jr., Wilt Chamberlin, Bruce Jenner, George Mikan, Bart Starr, Arthur Ashe, Willie Shoemaker and Roberto Clemente.

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