Wednesday, January 22, 2014

File Under 5 Years Of WTF?

One of my blogging goals for the new year was to follow up on stories, this will allow me to expand on some stories or cover card sales or trades.

I began reading through some of my early posts the other day and I came across a post I wrote about Maurice Clarett and his problems after leaving Ohio State. In the story I had some links to a seller who was selling a couple of unique 1/1 Clarett cards at an insane price. Prices that were unbelievable even during Clarett's short time in the NFL. Imagine my surprise when I clicked the links and not only does the seller still have the cards, nearly five years later, but he has increased the prices from the original $1,000 price. What would make a sane person think that cards that don't sell for five years of a never-was player/criminal who’s entire NFL career was a pre-season with the Broncos has increased in value over those years?

Here are the current listings: 2005 SPx Spectrum and 2005 SP Authentic 

Maybe I should check back in 2019 to see if the cards are still available at $2,000. When you do a search of Clarett's card you find that after this seller's cards ($999-$1,499) the next highest card is $100. I understand his cards are 1/1 but there is a reasonable price range and a unrealistic price range, these cards would be the latter.


  1. Personally I can't see how people can buy cards at $100, $500 a pop. Especially brand spankin new cards of untested rookies or of sophomore year vets who may or may not improve upon their spectacular rookie season. Personally I have never paid more than $40 (maybe $45) for JUST ONE card. Oh I did pay $75 for a 1982 Topps Update Cal Ripken Jr. RC but for that $75 I also got the rest of that 132 card set and the plain box they came in. Unless the card is a rare vintage card in great shape my personal top price is around $30-$35, but I usually try not to spend anymore than $25

  2. That's straight up cardfoolery. Even Clarett himself isn't going to pay those prices.