Thursday, February 6, 2014

Vintage Card Of The Month: 1928 Godfrey Phillips Summer Olympics

With the Sochi Winter Olympics opening today I figured it would be appropriate to include Olympic cards as this month’s VCoM. I only have two Olympic cards, and they both represent Summer sports, but I figured this was acceptable.

These cards are from England, they were inserted in to tobacco packs from Godfrey Phillips in 1928 following the Olympics in Amsterdam. There are 36 cards in the set representing Gold medal winners from various sports and events. The two cards I have are #28 Pete Desjardins and #33 Henry Pearce.

The cards are a true sepia color, they are not stained or aged. This is the original card’s coloring. The cards show the participant in the sport and the back has a write up about the athlete and how they did in the specific sport.

There is an error on card #28, the card back says that Desjardins is French but he actually represented the U.S and was born in Canada. He won two Gold medals in 1928 and a Silver medal in the 1924 Olympics in the awesomely named sport of “Fancy Diving”. Michael Phelps may have the most Gold medals ever but he will never be a winner in Fancy Diving, well mainly because it is now just called High Dive but still…

The cards are in nice condition, they have a bit rounded corners but they are not damaged badly. I picked these up in a trade with an English dealer quite a while ago while my brother was stationed in England.

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