Monday, December 8, 2014

A Unique Piece Of History

In 2013 Cult Stuff released the Civil War Chronicles, a set based set based on the U.S. Civil War. As a history buff I am drawn to the set because of the connection. Cult Stuff releases their products in a different format than most non-sports card products, they are not in packs or boxes by sealed envelopes like padded mailers. Each Civil War Chronicles pack comes with a complete 36-card base set, a collection of chase cards and one hit. The hits were made up of sketch cards, fabric cards, relic cards or redemption card.
The fabric cards contained one of four wool uniform patches. There were the common dark blue wool patches and the rare (numbered) light sky blue wool patches and each had both small and large fabric swatches.
I was able to pick up a small dark blue and large dark blue wool patch from a dealer in Ohio for $15 shipped. These usually sell on eBay for $15-25 each so I got a great deal. I am still looking to add the sky blue wool patches but I believe they are numbered to #/40 each so I have a hunt on my hand to find one for a reasonable price. I have seen some very cool Civil War sketch cards but they seem to come around in cycles so picking one up is going to take time.
The card design is quite bland but in this case it is not about the design and more about the relic included. These cards go nicely with my Famous Fabrics Horrors Of War relics.

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