Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Cavalcade Of Griffey Cards XX

I decided to extend the Cavalcade series one more day, I had to finish on 20 posts so it was nice and neat closing.

Today’s card is the second card from my Most Wanted List that has made it in to the Cavalcade of Griffey Cards, the other one being the 2007 Topps Employee’s cards. The card is from the 2002 Upper Deck Authentics release and is the reverse negative parallel version. This is a card I have been hunting for over a couple of years even writing about missing out on one back in April 2014 but now my search is complete when I picked up both the base card and the reverse negative parallel for a reasonable price.

Tomorrow I will be back to my regular posts beginning with my 7th Blog-versary contest that I mentioned on my actual blog-versary last month.

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