Thursday, February 2, 2017

Accept Your Allowence And Say Thank You

I understand wanting more money for doing a job but there is a difference between getting paid what you are worth for the job you do and wanting what you feel like you deserve even though you don’t deserve it.
Such is the case of Orioles back-up catcher Caleb Joseph. At 30 years old he has just 231 professional games under his belt and last year set a record for most plate appearances without an RBI. With 141 plate appearances he batted sub-mendoza line .174 with 23 hits, 3 doubles, 28 strikeouts and no RBIs. In fact, in his three years as a professional he has 771 plate appearances, is batting .213 with 149 hits, 169 Strikeouts and 77 RBIs.
This was his first year of arbitration eligibility and last year he was paid $523,500, or nearly $23,000 per hit. Even having a crappy year and setting a dismal record the Orioles still offered him a 25% raise to $700,000 but he felt he was worth much more, he felt he was worth a cool million. The arbitrators felt different than Joseph and supported the team’s $700,000 offer.


  1. $700,000 isn't too bad... especially since I've never even heard of this guy. Mr. Joseph... you should really take The Steve Miller Band's advice and "go on... take the money and run".

  2. Wow! I sound old but remember when superstars made $100,000? It points out the difference between now and then. Back in the days before free agency the average guy in the stands might actually be able to relate the the players salary-wise. Not now.

  3. The O's offered him an increase? How bold to ask for arbitration! Very interesting Corky!