Monday, July 20, 2020

Marshawn Lynch Rainbow Done

After 4 years of hunting I have completed the 2013 Chrome Marshawn Lynch #6 rainbow when the Gold parallel reached my doorstep today. Here are all 14 cards, not including the Superfractor or printing plates. 

I had some eBay gift cards from my birthday so when I saw the Gold parallel show up earlier this month I grabbed it immediately. The card sat in USPS limbo for two weeks so I was scared it was lost to the mail gods. After saying "In Transit" since July 7th I was planning on requesting a refund but when I went to the mailbox today it was there and I was elated. It is finally done. I have no plans on doing another rainbow any time soon.



X-Fractor (Retail only): 


Blue Wave: 

Purple #/499: 

Military Camo #/499: 

BCA Pink #/399: 

Black #/299: 

Prism #/260: 

Blue #/199: 

Sepia #/99: 

Gold #/50: 

Red #/25: 


  1. Congratulations! Great action shot of Beast Mode.

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