Monday, February 4, 2013

All That Is Left III

Now that I am 1-2 with Sports Cards Super Bowl, though my wife is a Ravens fan so a happy wife takes precedent over my Sports Cards Super Bowl prediction so I am fine with being wrong, it is time to look at all that is left from the packs I busted with the annual "All That Is Left".
I did not pull anything jaw dropping this year but when you consider I spent $20 for 20 packs I cannot complain. Here is all that is left.
Starting with a duo of 2011 Topps cards, the Colin Kaepernick rookie from yesterday’s prediction stands out as one of the best cards in the box. A win would have made the card better but still a decent pull. The 2012 NFL MVP/Offensive Player of the Year was a nice addition. I expected Peyton Manning to win the MVP Award by a slight margin over Peterson but honestly the award could have gone either way because they both earned it.
A couple of HIT cards, RG3 and Doug Martin. SAGE does not really make a huge splash in the sports card market but you cannot complain when you pull these two from a couple of HIT packs. RG3 added the ROY Award Saturday night and didn’t seem to have a limp when he walked on stage to accept the award, this could be good news for Redskins fans.
I opened the 2012 Topps Football rack pack after making the prediction yesterday and here are the best of the rest. A Gold Mario Williams parallel #/2012 and a Jim Kelly QB Immortals retail exclusive insert. I finished up with a Brandon Marshall 1965 mini.

I have to close with this beauty

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