Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Up Next... 2013 Press Pass Football

Press Pass has just released images of their two pre-draft football sets that will be competing with Leaf Metal Draft Football and Leaf Valiant Football. The first release that is up is 2013 Press Pass Football, a more traditional set with base cards and inserts. 2013 Press Pass Football is scheduled to be released on March 20th, the day before Leaf Valiant Football.
Each $95 box will come with 30 packs, 5 cards per pack, and you will pull 6 on-card autographs. They too will also be focusing on the skill players along with a handful of defensive players who have made a name for themselves.
The base cards are pretty simple, a player, their name, position and “2013”. Personally I feel that adding the “2013” was overkill, had the designers not included the year then they could have dropped the name and position down, shift the Press Pass logo up to one of the top corners and we would be looking at a pleasant design. Right now it is a bit crowded towards the bottom of the card. The base set is made up of a 50-card checklist and there will be parallels, including reflectors, Proof Editions, Gold Editions and 1/1.
The inserts:
Press Pass Signings: These are based on the base cards only really “uglified”, yes… I had to create a word to describe my displeasure for the cards. There are 4 levels; Silver, Gold (#/199), Bronze (#/99) and Blue (#/50).
Playmakers: The best college players
Power Picks: This insert focuses on the top draft picks (expected). There are a number of different levels; Silver, Gold/Bronze (#/199 or less) and Blue (#/50). Additionally there are red ink and inscription versions.

I am not big on this product, I am a Press Pass fan but I feel that they pushed it on this set. The base card design and the Power Pick auto inserts are ok but I think that they added more elements than they should have and it hurt the designs. I do not like the Press Pass Signings or the Playmakers inserts at all. I don't expect to be picking up any of these packs.

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