Friday, February 15, 2013

Rittenhouse Marvel Greatest Battles

Everyone loves a good battle between super heroes and super villains and Rittenhouse Archives has taken that idea and built an entire set around it with the upcoming Marvel Greatest Battles, scheduled to be release April 17, 2013.
Each box, prices seem to range between $90-120, will include 24 packs with 5 cards in each pack. In addition to two sketch cards per box you will also pull a variety of inserts and parallels. The 2 sketch cards can be put together to create a battle scene, some of the combatants are Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin, Fantastic Four vs. Doctor Doom and Thor vs. Loki.
Box Break:
2 Sketch cards
2 Avengers vs. X-Men inserts
2 Battle Scars inserts
1 Gold Plastic insert
8 Red Parallel Base cards
1 Gold Parallel Base card #/75
There have been some great battles in the annals of Marvel history, both in books and in movies, limiting the set to only 90 cards must have been a difficult task especially considering that Marvel has been around for nearly 75 years.
One thing that bothers me with sets based on comic books, because the sets usually include sketch cards Rittenhouse (and Cryptozoic too) usually only preview the sketch cards leaving collectors to wonder what the base cards, parallels and inserts all look like. I know that the sketch cards are the big draws by I would love to see what else comes in the box.
The sketch artist list is pretty solid, some of the announced names so far: Mick and Matt Glebe, Anthony Tan, Cezar Razek and one of my favorites, Andy Price.
As usual Rittenhouse is offering case incentives, with 6 cases you get a 2-card puzzle sketch from Meghan Hetrick, when you buy 9 cases you get a 4-card puzzle sketch from Warren Martineck and if you buy 18 cases you get an Archive Box (includes 20 sketch cards, an entire 90-card red parallel base set, the complete 18-card Avengers Vs. X-Men insert set, entire 9-card Battle Scars insert set and the entire 9-card Gold Plastic insert set plus 2 case topper cards).

6 Case Incentive from Meghan Hetrick

9 Case Incentive from Warren Martineck

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  1. Very cool product... especially the sketch cards.