Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sports Cards Super Bowl III

It is time to go to the football repack box once again to make my annual Super Bowl prediction. This year I grabbed a “Championship Collection” repack box that comes with 16 factory sealed packs + 4 bonus packs… yeah, just saying “20 packs” would have been much more difficult I guess. I grabbed a jumbo rack pack of 2012 Topps to use for OT if needed, last year I was in a lurch when I only pulled 5 cards relevant to the teams and had to use a blaster box that I had opened previously to finally settle the score.
This year’s box contains packs from 2007 through 2012 so hopefully there will be a nice range of active players. The packs this year are from Donruss, Leaf, Panini, Sage, Topps and Upper Deck. There are college packs again so I will use any players drafted by or currently playing for the 49ers or Ravens.
This is the third year that I am doing Sports Cards Super Bowl and so far I am 1-1
Here are the previous results:

Here is the scoring system I will use, which is the same as previous years:

Extra Point (1 pt.)- For random cards that could be a sign or superstitious

Safety (2 pts.)- For any rookie from the 49ers or Ravens

Field Goal (3 pts.)- For each non-rookie player from either the 49ers or Ravens

Touch Down (7 pts.)- For any Hall of Fame players (or if they are a HOF lock)

TD w/ 2pt Conversion (8 pts.)- For any autos or relics (NFC hits go to 49ers, AFC hits go to Ravens).
The packs:
2007 Leaf Rookies & Stars
49ers- 0 pts.
Ravens- 0 pts.
2007 Topps Football 3 Packs

49ers- 10 pts.
#180 Antonio Bryant
#416 Frank Gore (I am figuring he will be in the HOF eventually)

Ravens- 10 pts.
# 5 Kyle Boller
#54 Willis McGahee
#196 Todd Heap (+1 point for graduating from the same high school where I graduated)
2008 Upper Deck First Edition Football

 49ers-3  pts.
#125 Patrick Willis  I was torn on this one, he may end up in the HOF but I wouldn’t say a lock
Ravens- 0 pts.
2008 Score
49ers- 6 pts.
#275 Isaac Bruce
#277 Nate Clements
Ravens- 0 pts.

2009 Philadelphia
49ers- 0 pts.
Ravens- 0 pts.
2011 Panini Score 5 Packs
49ers- 0 pts.

Ravens- 2 pts.
#347 Jimmy Smith
2011 Topps Football 2 Packs
 49ers- 2 pts.
#413 Colin Kaepernick
Ravens- 0 pts.
2012 Leaf Young Stars
49ers- 0 pts.
Ravens- 0 pts.
2012 Leaf Draft Pick   2 Packs
49ers- 0 pts.

 Ravens- 2 pts.
#9 Courtney Upshaw

2012 Hit Football Low Series 2 Packs
49ers- 0 pts.
Ravens- 0 pts.

2012 Hit Football High Series
49ers- 0 pts.
Ravens- 0 pts.
Final Score:
Baltimore Ravens- 14
San Francisco 49ers- 21
The game will go back and forth early but when it comes down to it the 49ers defense will come through and keep Joe Flacco and the Raven’s offense out of the end zone.

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