Thursday, February 7, 2013

Panini's Momentum Is Coming To Basketball

Panini is carrying Momentum over to basketball and it is scheduled to be released April 8, 2013. Each $200 pack will include 15 cards with 5 of those cards being autographs.
The release is made up of a base set (plus 2 parallels) and three autograph inserts. The base set is has a 300-card checklist and it will be broken up in to 215 veterans and 85 rookies.
The base set design is exactly the same as the Momentum Football base card and features a player over the Momentum logo on a white background, the team name in gold at the top and the player’s name over a textured border that is hued in the team’s colors.
There are 2 limited parallels for the base set, Drive and Force parallels. The Drive parallel has etched foil over the face of the card and the Force parallel is die-cut.
There are three autograph inserts; Momentous Autos, Momentous Rookie Autos and Monumental Marks. The Momentous Auto insert is made up of current stars, the Momentous Rookie Auto insert is made up of rookies from the last two draft classes and the Monumental Marks insert has a 300-card checklist which will include retired legends. I am not too keen on the decision to use sticker autographs, especially when you consider the price being paid per pack.


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