Thursday, February 14, 2013

Turkey Red Pre-Sell Sold Out In A Flash

Topps began pre-selling 2013 Turkey Red Baseball on Tuesday (Feb 12), it goes live February 18th, and within hours it was sold out. Even at $20 for 10 base cards and an autograph did not stop people from buying in on the product. What is scary is that there are 6 pre-sell boxes up for auction and the cheapest one, with 7 bids already, is at $31 and a couple of days left. Complete base sets (no autographs included) are posted at $300 BIN and over.
I know that some collectors questioned the idea of charging $20 for 11 cards but Topps seems to have hit the target with another online exclusive release. I think the mixture of a limited release, online exclusive, parallels and decent group of young signers has drawn in the gamblers willing to drop $20 for the chance of pulling a gem. I can’t wait to see what prices hit when the product goes live.

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