Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Time For 2013 Leaf Valiant Football

In a companion piece to yesterday’s post, today is covering the 2013 Leaf Valiant Football set which is set to release a week after Leaf Metal Draft on March 21st. Each $85/box of Valiant will include 5 on-card autographs, one more card than last year’s version.
I like the Valiant releases, they are based on the Donruss Crusade inserts from the early 1990s. Who doesn’t love a set based on medieval knights?
The base autographs will be the most common pulls and like Metal Draft will focus on skilled position players. The design is similar to the 2011 Variant Baseball design with chrome and a double lion background (facing in a different direction though). There are at least 5 parallels to each (Green) base cards and if the numbering is the same as last year’s parallels (with orange replacing last year’s blue); Orange #/99, Purple #/25, Yellow/Gold #/10, Black #/5 and Red 1/1.

The inserts:
Stars: A set that highlights the top college players
On Target: A target design, similar to what an archer would use during target practice
Honor Guard: A die-cut card in the shape of a knight’s shield
Leaf is also promoting the “Biggest Surprise” redemption cards just like Metal Draft. They have put up some hints on their Facebook page but not much, so far they have said that the big surprise is a HUGE named player who will not be in anyone else’s products and that the mystery card is not an exclusive draft deal. I will keep an eye out to see if they give more information about the upcoming card and update the post at that time.

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