Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Closing Out With 2013 Press Pass FanFare Football

I figured since I am so close to covering all of the major pre-draft football sets that I might as well close out with Press Pass FanFare Football tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow.
2013 Press Pass Football is an all autograph release that is scheduled to release on April 24th, the day before the 2013 NFL Draft starts. Talk about an ideal release date. Each $90 box will include one pack, which contains 5 on-card autographs.
The FanFare Autographs are the base autographs of the set and will make up a majority of the pulls. The cards are slightly similar to the 2012 design in regards to the layout, chromed out, a candid shot of the player at the top and an autograph box at the bottom. There will be a 70-card checklist, focusing on the top prospects, and according to Press Pass’ sales materials there are 7 levels to collect though I was only able to find 5 levels; Gold, Blue (#/149), Aqua (#/99), Violet (#/25) and Black (1/1). The Violet and Black are hobby only pulls.
The inserts (all holofoil):
There will be 5 levels for each of the inserts; Silver (#/99), Blue (#/50), Red (#/25), Emerald (#/10) and Melting (1/1). Emerald and Melting are hobby only pulls.
Potent Passers: QBs, QBs and more QBs
Saturday Starters: Focusing on the main starters for the major teams

Gridiron Graphs: Autographs from the top draft picks (expected)
Another “meh…” football set from Press Pass. I have been a fan of Press Pass for years and I think they put out some amazing NASCAR sets, many of their racing sets designs actually blow away other card companies card design no matter which sport, but their college football sets recently have dipped aesthetically. I know that not having any football licensing really cuts in to their design options without going the airbrush route so I guess they do what they can with what they have. I do like the violet FanFare Autographs, the color appeals to me, but nothing else really works for me.
The 1/1 Melting parallels have piqued my interest, how cool does a parallel have to be to be called "melting"? Hopefully it is one cool looking effect and not just a cleaver name.

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