Monday, December 29, 2014

A Mongol Invasion

I have never considered myself a toy collector, though I do still enjoy adding a well-designed action figure to my collection. I worked as a retail manager for a little over a decade and I met my fair share of various collectors. Some peeked my interest and from time to time I would grab a neat Johnny Lightning car or Starting Lineup figure but I tried to disconnect myself from that mentality because it is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of something new or limited.

After multiple moves I decided to clear out portions of my collection and I started to sell off or trade anything worth its weight in plastic and when my kids got old enough I let them rip open most of what remained. I opened the Griffey figures and have them displayed on my shelves too. While I do have a couple of figures still sealed, only because I don’t know if I want to sell them or display them, I tear open everything else.

The other day I gave in and ordered a Kidrobot Genghis Khan because of how cool it looks. It cost me $4.25 shipped but as soon as I got it home I tore it open and old Khan is chilling on my television with swords ready for battle.

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