Monday, December 15, 2014

Putting A Close To My Immaculate Basketball Box

In September I was fortunate enough to win a box of 2013-14 Panini ImmaculateBasketball from contest on Panini’s blog. This was quite an amazing prize considering that boxes are still selling over $400 each months later.

This is the highest priced product I have ever opened and is one of the high risk/high reward type products if you can pull some of the better cards, including the Sneak Peek show cards. It was a unique experience opening the tin and I appreciate that Panini has connected to their collectors with their contests and given us the opportunity to win a product that we normally would never have opened otherwise.

Hopefully I don’t seem like a spoiled brat looking a gift horse in the mouth but my box was a bit of a disappointment. I did keep two cards from teams I collect but I sold the other 4 cards from my box. Here are the cards and their final selling prices not including my $2.50 shipping cost

Joakim Noah Gold base card #/10 
1 bid $4.99

Kendrick Perkins jumbo relic #/75
4 bids $2.04

Bill Sharman Ink autograph #/99
5 bids $15.50

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Sole of the Game shoe relic #/35
6 bids $26.52

I kept the Gary Payton Scorers Club autograph #/49 and the Alex Len Rookie Patch auto because I collect Suns and Sonics. I redeemed the Len rookie patch on October 7th and it is still in the queue waiting to be filled.

 I probably should have held on to the cards a little bit longer because the closer we get to Christmas the higher the prices get.
The Noah gold base was relisted 3 times without anyone biting, I eventually lowered the price by a dollar and finally sold it. There is currently one gold base version #/10 at $14.00 BIN but I can almost guarantee it won’t sell at that price.

The Perkins jumbo relic was also relisted 3 times without any interest, I lowered the starting to .99 cents and it sold the same day as the Noah base card.

The Sharman Ink auto was the last card to sell, Dec 9th, and was the surprise sell of the collection. It actually sold during the first listing at a higher price than expected. When I was pricing his cards his autographs seemed pretty common and his base Ink autos (like mine) were selling in the $2-5 range with the gold parallel #/10 version selling in around $7-10 range. A couple of last day bids jumped it to over $15 and my jaw dropped. Not a huge sale but considering that it was more than double of what I expected this was a win. Plus there was chipping on the card front I didn’t even expect to top $2-3 sale price.

The final card on the list, which was actually the first to sell, is the Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Sole of the Game shoe relic. When I listed it there were two already for auction with $29.99 and $35 BIN prices so I came in at $19.99 opening price and a $29.99 BIN option but I had no interest. When I relisted it after 5 days I dropped the starting price to $9.99 with a $24.99 BIN option. I ended up topping the BIN price by almost two bucks so I am not too upset.

In the end I was able to sell the four cards and make $49.05 plus shipping, which I have used to add some cool Griffey cards to my collection and one special card that has been on my Want List for 2 years (well, not the specific card but another version so I am happy). You will have to wait to see the "Want List" card on another day, it is being shipped right now and should be here by Thursday.

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  1. That shoe card is so unique. Glad you were able to reallocate the money to something that fits your collection.