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Pack War: 2014 Topps Chrome Football Vs. 2014 Topps Valor Football

For a blog named Pack War I have never had a pack war on my blog so I decided to rectify that today. I picked up a Topps Chrome Football blaster and Topps Valor Football blaster, each box contains 7 packs and a relic. Valor packs have 8 cards where the Topps Chrome packs have 4 cards per pack, Chrome better bring it on strong in order to win.
Since this isn’t a standard pack war I will just base pack versus pack and pick a winner for each round. The blaster with the most selections is the winner, now let’s get down to it…

Pack 1:
Topps Chrome
107 Arian Foster
123 Cody Hoffman (RC)
207 Zack Martin (RC)

INSERT/PARALLEL: 125 Jeremy Hill (RC) Blue Wave Refractor
Topps Valor
1 Jadeveon Clowney (RC)
14 Tajh Boyd (RC)
48 Khalil Mack (RC)
73 Philip Rivers
100 Adrian Peterson
132 Alex Smith
174 Anthony Barr (RC)
177 Nick Foles
WINNER: Chrome
Valor did bring it with two Top 5 picks and former Arizona Wildcat Nick Foles but pulling a Blue Wave refractor of a rookie having a good season gave the edge to Chrome.

Pack 2:

Topps Chrome
77 Tony Romo
191 Charles Sims (RC)
INSERT/PARALLEL: 167 Stephen Morris (RC) X-Fractor
INSERT/PARALLEL: 168 David Fales (RC) Pink Refractor #/399

Topps Valor
12 Derek Carr (RC)
61 Davante Adams (RC)
64 Jason Witten
91 Terry Bradshaw
92 Bruce Ellington (RC)
147 Jordan Reed
179 Tony Romo
193 John Elway
Valor had two HOF QBs and that alone is worthy of the win. It was an easy win too because while Chrome had a Pink and X-Fractor neither rookie has any playing time.

Pack 3:
Topps Chrome
16 Pierre Thomas
195 Jason Verrett (RC)
202 Terrance West (RC) Refractor

INSERT/PARALLEL: 12 Mike Evans 1985 Topps

Topps Valor
13 Patrick Peterson
79 Darelle Revis
94 Ndamukong Suh
104 Navorro Bowman
109 C.J. Spiller
154 Kam Chancellor
172 Alshon Jeffery
195 Sheldon Richardson

This one was a toughie because I pulled the very cool looking Mike Evans 1985 Topps insert from Chrome but Valor delivered my first Seahawk player, Chancellor, and first Cardinal player, Peterson. The edge goes to the teams I collect and Valor takes the win.

Pack 4:

Topps Chrome
68 Mike Wallace
109 Nick Foles
117 Odell Beckham (RC)
INSERT/PARALLEL: 22 Teddy Bridgewater (RC) mini

Topps Valor
6 Dri Archer (RC)
28 Cecil Shorts
31 Logan Thomas (RC)
80 Tom Brady
99 Arian Foster
148 Jared Abbrederis (RC)
152 AJ McCarron (RC)

1INSERT/PARALLEL: 99 Brandon Marshall Courage parallel #/399

WINNER: Chrome
This was another toughie because Valor finally gave me a parallel with the Marshall Courage parallel plus a Cardinal player but Chrome included former Arizona Wildcat Nick Foles, the one-handed magician Odell Beckham Jr. and a neat Bridgewater mini.

Pack 5

Topps Chrome
100 Jordy Nelson
152 Justin Gilbert (RC)
187 Blake Bortles (RC)
INSERT/PARALLEL: 157 Calvin Pryor X-Fractor
Topps Valor
22 Donte Moncrief (RC)
39 Jarvis Landry (RC)
63 Connor Shaw (RC)
74 Bradley Roby (RC)
77 DeSean Jackson
83 Keenan Allen
150 Sammy Watkins (RC)

INSERT/PARALLEL: 187 Robert Mathis Discipline parallel #/299

Neither pack was a clear-cut winner but Valor won out with 5 rookies, including stud Watkins, plus the Discipline parallel
Pack 6
Topps Chrome
82 Rob Gronkowski
124 Kelvin Benjamin (RC)
194 Silas Reed (RC)
INSERT/PARALLEL: 130 Jared Abbrederis Refractor
Topps Valor
15 Percy Harvin
24 Alfred Morris
57 Matt Forte
58 Torrey Smith
106 DeMarco Murray
126 John Riggins
162 Steve Ridley

INSERT/PARALLEL: 175 Eddie Lacy Glory parallel #/199
WINNER: Chrome
Another series that could have went either direction. The Eddie Lacy Glory parallel really pulled me towards Valor but the former Wildcat Gronk and the Kelvin Benjamin RC swayed me to Chrome. Had Harvin still been with the Seahawks Valor would have won in a slamdunk and taken the Pack War win but now it is down to the final pack.
Pack 7
Topps Chrome
24 Greg Hardy
83 Aaron Rodgers
128 Yawin Smallwood (RC)
INSERT/PARALLEL: 167 Stephen Morris (RC) Green Refractor parallel

Topps Valor
60 Jamaal Charles
68 Jimmy Garoppolo (RC)
107 Robert Herron (RC)
110 Frank Gore
146 Jimmy Graham
149 LeSean McCoy
168 Troy Niklas (RC)
185 Kelvin Benjamin (RC)
There was no question about this pack with studs Charles, Gore, Graham, McCoy and rookie Kelvin Benjamin

OVERALL WINNER: 2014 Topps Valor Football

It went down to the final pack, which Valor won hands down. Chrome was at a slight disadvantage with only 4 cards per pack compared to Valor’s 8 cards per pack but Chrome really put on a show with a nice selection of “hits” with 7 refractors and 2 inserts while Valor only had 3 parallels inserted and no inserts.

Here are the relics that were included in each blaster

Khalil Mack


Jace Amaro Courage parallel #/50

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