Friday, December 5, 2014

Come To Me My Pretties

In 1992 when I came back to collecting I got caught up in the Shaq phenomenon, my cards of choice? 1992-93 Stadium Club basketball, I loved the full-bleed photograph.

I opened pack after pack looking for Beam Team inserts. Everyone wanted the Jordan or Shaq Beam Team cards but in all honesty I would have been happy to pull any Beam Team card. I just loved the design so much. It wasn’t until the 1993-94 Stadium Club release when I would finally pull a Beam Team insert (Calbert Cheaney), but these just weren’t as cool as the 1992-93 release.
Over the years I have considered picking up a Jordan, Barkley or KJ 92-93 Beam Team but always ended up putting them on the back burner. I have since decided that I can survive without adding the Jordan Beam Team to my collection but I fully intended on adding two of my favorite Phoenix Suns eventually.

This past week I finally was able to come across a nice deal that got both Charles Barkley and Kevin Johnson 1992-93 Stadium Club Beam Teams cards shipped for $5.49 total. I consider this one of my more exciting pickups for the year. It isn’t that the cards are anything major but just that I connect these cards to my return to collecting so I have a sentimental connection with the cards.


  1. That's a decent deal for some early 90's Stadium Club inserts. He can be a bit of a meathead sometimes, but I like the Round Mound of Rebound.

  2. Great looking cards and a great deal!