Monday, December 1, 2014

Kyle's Mom Is A Big Fat...

In 2004 Matt Stone and Trey Parker released South Park Season 8 with the first episode Good Times with Weapons as the first episode in March 2004. When the DVD was released in August 2004 there were promo cards created to promote the upcoming DVD release though I am not sure how they were distributed. The cards are based on the characters in the first episode.
The episode Good Times with Weapons starts out with Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny buying ninja weapons from a dealer at a fair. When they hold their weapons they see themselves as ninjas and the episode is shown in letterbox form like Anime with J-Pop music playing.
The cards are designed like typical TCG cards with Strengths and Powers and various icons. The front includes each kid’s image along with their Strengths and Powers, which are written in Kanji characters so I don’t know what they say. The backs include an image of each kid’s ninja avatar.
I picked up all four cards for a couple of bucks, I figured they would make a fun addition to my comic card collection.