Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye To 2014

With the year closing today I look back over the year at my collecting goals and see how I faired to what I had set for myself back in January.
The goals that I set were attainable and within reason I was able to complete most of them. Around mid-year things in the real world took a turn for the worse and I found myself in collecting funk, which I am still dealing with. This did put a dampener on my 5-Year Blogversary plans but I will work on that in the coming year.
Here is how the year unfolded:

 Blog Goals for 2014:

-Post at least 21 times a month
-Continue the VoM series, add a Sketch Card of the Month series and consider additional fun series
Done (Mostly)- I posted 11 VCoM and 11 Art Gallery, 92% not bad. I also like the idea of adding a Pack War each month, seems like something I should have been doing all along

-Make the blog “mine”, build on what works and change what does not work
Done- This one is more of an on-going philosophy but I did drop the full blown reviews and added the Art Gallery and Pack War serials to make the blog fit my interests
-Celebrate 5 years of blogging in June with something special
Failed- Being in a funk has caused a delay here
-Increase my Followers to 100+
Done-Fellow blogger Daniel Wilson of It’s Like Having My Own Card Shop helped me greatly here when he offered a contest on his blog to help me reach my goal. Thanks to his help, and all of the readers who joined my blog, I reached my 100th follower on January 16th

-Update my Blogs I am Reading list



Personal Hobby Goals
-Focus on my personal collection, determine what I want and collect only those cards
Done- Another on-going process but I have slimmed down my collection through trades and selling and only focus on collecting players and teams that interest me
-Stop picking up cards on a whim
Done (Mostly)
-Bust only products that interest me
Interact more with other collectors, bloggers and readers to try and work some trades
Done- I didn’t make as many trades as I hoped to but I did add a Trade Bait section as well as joined Zistle and this has led to a handful of trades over the year.
Create a “Wanted List” so I can zero in on what is important to me

I did add another goal during the year. When I joined Zistle in January and organized my collection I realized I only had 92 unique Griffey cards and that didn’t seem appropriate for someone who is a Griffey collector. This was when I started building my Want List and set an additional goal of 200 unique Griffey cards by the end of the year.

I hit Griffey card #200 on July 29th and have since increased my collection to include 291 unique Griffey cards.


  1. Congratulations! Looks like you met most of your collecting goals last year. Happy New Year!

  2. Nice job last year! Glad I could help out in a small way!