Friday, March 13, 2015

A Happy Story That Ends With An Idiot Doing Idiot Things

Every so often you come across a card that has some special meaning to you, it can be the first card you ever pulled or a player that you met or even a card that reminds you of something from your childhood.

My nephew, who is 8 years old, has had a tough life. Without going in to detail my brother-in-law has made some bad decisions over the years so in my nephew’s short life we have had guardianship for a little over 4 years off and on including the past couple of months. Like any child he misses his father, who lives in Seattle, and his father has promised to take him to a Macklemore concert when they are back together. For my nephew Macklemore equals his father’s love.

When the 2015 Topps checklist came out and I saw that Macklemore was included in the First Pitch insert I knew I had to get one for my nephew the first day it came out. A card that cost less than $2 means the world to my nephew and that makes it priceless. A simple piece of cardboard put such a huge smile on his face, he brought the card to school to show all of his friends and for the first couple of days it never left his sight. He may never get to see Macklemore with his father but at least for now this card brought him closer to the day he will be back with his dad.



UPDATE: Since I originally wrote this post (the end of February) my nephew returned to his dad in Seattle last week and sadly two days ago someone broke in to their house and among the things that they took was the box my nephew kept all of his cards in and while he was upset about the loss he was in tears about losing the Macklemore card. I just do not understand why people would steal a child’s box, it had kid’s stickers all over the outside, no matter what is inside.

I have another card on the way already that we will send him for his birthday and I am planning on something special to cheer him up.


  1. You're a great uncle. Thanks for sharing the story!

  2. I hope things start looking up for your nephew. With an uncle like you, it will definitely get better!

  3. What an awesome story! Well not the part about being robbed, but the part of your nephew being stoked about a baseball cards featuring Macklemore. I remember when my nephew would get excited about cards. Sure miss those days.