Monday, February 8, 2016

All That Is Left VI

Unlike the previous two Super Bowls where I stressed most of the game, yesterday’s game I was able to just sit back and relax. I was not rooting for either team so no matter what it was a win-win for me. The only thing that I had in the back of my mind was how my Sports Cards Super Bowl prediction was doing and how freaky was it that heading in to the 4th Quarter the score was 16-7 with the Broncos on top? This prediction was the closest the cards have come; maybe next year I will get at least one of the scores correct.

Now it is time to see All That Is Left VI

This year I pulled a couple of decent cards and even three hits. The blasters I grabbed each promised one rookie relic card but I pulled a Rookie Ink autograph out of the Panini Contenders box.

Here is what came from the Topps Chrome blaster:

A Calvin Johnson Refractor
One of the best receivers of this NFL’s generation who is expected to retire shortly
A Blue Wave Refractor Ameer Abdullah and a Green Refractor Josh Harper
The Blue Wave Refractors are 1 per Hobby Box so a nice pull there and Abdullah had a decent season and with Johnson leaving he can pick up receptions. Harper on the other hand isn’t even on a team, he was undrafted and signed with the Raiders but was waived before the season even began

A 1989 Topps Super Rookie from my favorite team
A 60th Anniversary Eli Manning… Mr. Not-Happy-For-His-Brother

I finish off the Topps Chrome box with the Walmart Exclusive Rookie Relic card. I pulled Chicago Bears rookie Jeremy Langford. This is some sort of parallel of the base card, it is purplish and #/75 where the base versions are not numbered.

Here is what came from the Panini Contenders blaster:

A triple threat of Seahawks and it is expected to see Lynch retire soon too
A DeMarco Murray Playoff Ticket #/199
You wonder if he is reconsidering that move to Philadelphia?
A Round Numbers die-cut of Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota
A Pennants die-cut Justin Forsett

A Rookie Ink Danny Shelton autograph
Shelton is from the Seattle area and played at UW  

Closing with my guaranteed Rookie Ticket Relic of DeVante Parker
Like the Topps Chrome guaranteed rookie relic I pulled another decent player but nothing special.


  1. Decent stuff. Way better than I would have pulled from football blasters!

  2. Are you attached to that Husky with the Seattle ties, or is it up for trade?

    1. I set it aside specifically for you, I don't think I got your address so just send me an email and I will send it off for you.

  3. Pretty solid blasters, especially the Panini. I would like to trade for any of Langford, Forsett, & Winston/Mariota if they're available.

    1. Sure, just send me an email and we will work something out.

  4. Cool Tyler Lockett throwback rookie card.