Saturday, February 13, 2016

An Unpolitical Political Discussion

The other day I came across a set called Decision 2016 on Beckett and I was intrigued, it is a set based on the upcoming 2016 Presidential election and while I am not one to discuss politics on my blog (way too much of a controversial subject) I am still interested in politics and Presidents so this set is right up my alley. The set is created by Brian Wallos, he is the man who created the Bench Warmers sets, and being distributed by Leaf.

When I first saw the images of the cards, which currently are all just mock ups, I thought it was actually a joke and if it wasn't covered by Ryan Cracknell I would have just passed it completely. It appears to have designs taken from Topps and Upper Deck with just enough Panini for that extra “gaudy” flair. There is a web site but it is only a basic site with a pixelated image of the logo and a link to sign up for a newsletter, I did sign up.

Cardboard Connection states it is to be released next month and it will be available through hobby and retail outlets but I am unable to find any presell options and I found a distributor that claims the product will be “Print to order” which means only enough product will be printed as sold but how can you purchase it if there is nowhere to buy it?


Now on to the $64,000 question:

Would I buy in if the boxes offer some real type of value at a reasonable price?
I sure would if the set produced is as nice as the mockups.


Would you buy this?


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  1. I probably wouldn't bust a box... but I'd definitely look for some Ronald Reagan cards for my PC.