Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

After waiting three years I finally picked up a 2013 Spider-Man The Original Animated Series Lenticular Motion Trading Cards set. When the set came out in 2013 Rittenhouse was selling the 9-card lenticular set and one of two different Paul Soles (the voice of Spider-man in the show) autographs for $99 and that just seemed unreasonable plus I figured that people would cherry pick the set for the autograph and flood the eBay machine with the base set for $15-20, which is when I would have grabbed one, yeah I was wrong.

Three years later and I have never seen a base set show up without the autograph so I finally picked up one of my Grey Whales. I selected the set with the Spider-man autograph card, the other autograph card is of Peter Parker. There is actually a dealer who sells the sets for $39, usually about once a month, otherwise expect to spend around $90 for a set. I would eventually like to add the Peter Parker version autograph.
The cards do not scan very well because the lenticular texture but here is a video of the first card in the set. They are quite beautiful in hand. The backs of the card are basic white with a card number #L1-L9 and copyright information.

Spidey swinging

Shooting web

Swinging towards you

Waving while swinging

Lifting up camera

Shooting webs towards you

Swinging across card

Swinging towards you

Playing rock paper scissors? Maybe? Not sure


  1. That is definitely one of the cooler autographs that I have seen in recent times. Although I kind of wish that I hadn't seen it, because now I'm gonna have to get one for myself. Thanks!

  2. Very cool. I'm starting to enjoy non-sport autographs as much as signatures from athletes.