Saturday, February 27, 2016

What Is The Point Here?

I am just going to list this under “Why Topps?”

As I was searching through the recently released Topps UFC sets, Champions and Chronicles, I noticed something that just had me confused. The fighter is Heather Clark, a career 7-4 fighter with a single fight in the UFC, and I realize that since Clark has only one UFC fight Topps was limited on their image selection which they decided to use the same image in both sets. Now the reason I am asking “Why Topps?” is because in her fight against Bec Rawlings at TUF 20 Finale Clark got a pretty good mouse under her left eye.

As you can see the swollen eye can be seen on her Chronicles #263 card but for some reason one of Topps graphic designers decided to just Photoshop the swollen eye right out of the picture for her Champions #157 card.

Why Topps?


  1. Not sure which is the better question...

    A. Why they would photoshop her nice shiner.


    B. Why they would two different cards of Heather Clark?

    1. Exactly, when they removed the shiner they made her left eye look off. If you scan in close her eye is blurred and you can see that her skin looks oddly smooth under the eye.

      Yea, she isn't really the type of fighter that deserves two cards. Not really sure if she deserves even one, I am wondering if she will even fight again in the UFC. At 35 she is getting up in years and her last fight was in December 2014 with no future fights scheduled.